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If you need any help with psychic clearing this is your woman.


‘She’s a super cosmic yet grounded, no bullshit capricorn, powerful angelic soul who has truly earned her stripes as a real psychic alchemist healer, through her own intense life experiences & many years of training.


It’s a rare healer who has this kind of capacity. Infinite blessings to you Abi’



 A New Healing Modality!!





Sovereign Symbiosis is a way of reconfiguring the human energy system back to it’s natural essence. This enables humans to reclaim their full energetic sovereignty here on Gaia and connect back to their true, authentic selves.

It includes the removal of implanted false energy constructs within the human energetic infrastructure from Artificial Intelligence and inter-dimensional interference such as archons.

Abigail will be facilitating trainings in this modality very soon and is available for private sessions via skype.

If you are interested in learning how to clear yourself and others from implants, chips, nanotechnology, silica-nano, and other false constructs then please sign up to Abigail’s newsletters. 



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A wonderful healing powerful beyond measure.


‘Thank you for shining your light so brightly in the field of service to help us all discover who we truly are and radiate our magnificence.


Your work is effective, transformative and a cut above the rest’



Introducing my Mystic Musings Blog



The New Age Shaman

    Shaman – Give me a break!!     My god. If I bump into another new age ‘shaman’ I’m going to puke. It’s like this name – shaman; this magical amazing name has been taken by any ‘slightly psychic human’ and bastardized completely. Frankly, it's a fucking joke....

Amrita Easy Detox – Healthy Body Happy Soul

    Amrita Easy Detox - Health made simple   Why Amrita Easy Detox is for me.   The benefits of detox are very real. However, there are also lots of fads, myths, and empty promises out there. I’ve finally found an all-natural, gentle detox program which after trying,...

My Father was a Sociopath – Satanic Ritual Abuse

    I don’t have a PHD.   I’m not a scientist or a psychologist that can explain intellectually what is going on in the brain of one of these sick fucks. I can however share my experience of having been around a sociopath and the effect it’s had on my life. I’m doing...

Disconnection Starving for Love

Disconnection starts young these days. The earlier it starts the easier it is to manipulate and control human beings. Let’s face it we as humans know endless ways of torturous cruelty on everything we lay our hands on. Disconnection is our first gift to children and...

I don’t want to be here

I don’t want to be here. Great name for a blog huh? So much truth in those words. Countless clients come to me and a vast majority deep down feel this way.  I 'get it' because I have it too. If you are sensitive and haven’t disassociated yourself with spiritual...

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