Amrita Easy Detox – Health made simple


Why Amrita Easy Detox is for me.


The benefits of detox are very real. However, there are also lots of fads, myths, and empty promises out there.

I’ve finally found an all-natural, gentle detox program which after trying, I can personally vouch for and recommend…  Even better, I managed to get a special deal for you guys!!

There is no question about it: Wellness has gone mainstream!

Suddenly everyone from your ex-lover to your next door neighbour is a wellness guru and is promising to make your generally unhealthy life ‘fixed’ in say; ‘5 easy steps’.  

Unfortunately, our everyday lives are bombarded with toxins and pollutants, so it’s actually a fantastic idea to regularly cleanse to stay healthy.


So how do you choose a program that is easy and really works?



When it comes to detox programs there are so many out there all claiming to be the best.


They range from simple one-day juice fasts to long-term, complicated fasts with ‘colonic irrigation’ and ‘boot-camp’ style exercise regimes.

So many options, so many extremes!

THANKFULLY, I’ve finally found an all-natural detox system which I can actually recommend, especially after trying it myself.


The results that I personally experienced after the program were:


My body felt clean and fresh with increased energy. I literally ‘glowed’ from the inside out!!

I had stronger focus and improved concentration.

My complexion and skin cleared giving me that ‘youthful’ vitality we want and aspire to achieve…


I just felt GREAT!!!


Amrita Easy Detox is an amazing home detox which can be posted ANYWHERE in the world, with FREE delivery!


Here are the TOP 3 reasons that make it like no other product on the market:


1.       Convenient:

Amrita Easy Detox is conveniently packaged into individual herbal sachets. Simply mix herbs with CHILLED water and a dash of honey or coconut water.

2.       You CAN eat:

Hallelujah! Included in the kits is a list of detox-friendly foods that you can pick and choose from during your detox. No need to starve!

3.       Gentle and Natural:

No invasive colemas or enemas to cleanse. Just good, clean, healthy food, and detoxifying herbs to supplement.


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Amrita Easy detox removes nanotechnology and silica-nano from the body as well as all of the other toxins and pollutions we are bombarded with on a daily basis.