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Here’s an explanation on energy and what I do…



What can I say?


‘If you don’t like your story then rewrite that shit.’

Abigail’s Abilities are Unbelievable.



‘With her impossible intuition she shines light and awareness on subjects you did not know about yourself, she clears energy and raises the vibration in such a way it will leave you perplexed.


My abundance levels are soaring after just a few sessions. Amazing!’





Everyone is unique. We all come in different packages, shapes, belief systems and stories… However on an energy level we all have the same structure and interference; The Holographic Matrix.

Surrounding our physical body we have energy bodies and if one of those bodies is out of alignment we can feel ‘off-balance’. This affects us on a physical level in our daily lives and also our ability to heal.

Within our physical body and surrounding energy fields we also have energy meridians that keep vitality, and life force coursing through our being.

As a ‘clair-cognizant and empath’ Abigail instantly knows and feels the imbalances in these areas. She is able to remove and clear false constructs whilst reconfiguring and replenishing energy that has been lost or drained.

Every session is individual to her clients. Before she begins to work on her clients she asks them what challenges they have and where they feel troubled. A session can head in any direction and big shifts can occur leading to a happier healthy, more balanced life enabling love, finances and a positive shift in all areas of personal well-being.

Published in Bangkok Post; Sunday Brunch.



‘My favourite was Abigail, a beautiful British psychic with 89 Angels who accompany her on a sublime cleansing mission.


For an hour they wove their magic as she held my hand and filled me with light.’




Clearing Negative Energy is what I do Best!!


Watch my Land Clearing Movie

Gaia needs us too…




The more we heal ourselves the more we help the planet.

Treat Yourself to an Energy Healing and Liberate Yourself 


A Sovereign Symbiosis Energy Healing gives you the opportunity to really change your reality and provide opportunities to resolve old issues, health, love and that which is holding you back.


A Sovereign Symbiosis aids:

Physical health, a higher, more aligned Vibration. The restoration of vitality and increased energy, unlocking creative potential. Activation of intuition and psychic abilities. Accelerated spiritual growth and the potential to move beyond old blockages and limitations.


At the end of the Energy Healing my clients feel, lighter, free, balanced and are returned to a state of inner peace. When we are back in alignment with our energy bodies and are reconfigured to our Sovereign Human Matrix System we are once again able to flow freely with our daily lives. This enables us to make decisions which empower us and bring more joy and abundance into our lives.

 Cleansing, Shifting & Removing



Removing all false overlays including chakras.

Extracting implants, chips, nanotechnology, silica-nano and nanoions.

Clearing frequency infiltration waves and mutated DNA.

Removing trauma from ancestry DNA and neurological pathways.



This changes your frequency meaning that:



Inter-dimensional interference/archons can no longer feed from you.

Curses, black magic and negative energy is no longer attached to your energy.



 Retrieving, Reconfiguring & Activating



Returning the higher self, soul and astral body into their correct places.

Activating DNA, multidimensional energy bodies and psychic abilities.

Reconfiguring the diamond body and energy meridian wheels.

Reconnecting the bodies systems so they are in alignment.

Reconstructing positive neurological pathways and gut lining.

Retrieving soul fragments & child fragments

 Deep bodywork and activation of the belly brain.

Repairing & strengthening the inner etheric field



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 As there is no time or distance when it comes to energy,

your Sovereign Symbiosis Energy Healing is held over Skype. 



Most people feel the Energy Healing as it is in process, pulsating through their bodies whilst also feeling relaxed, peaceful and like a ‘weight is being lifted.’ It can be emotional and liberating as old feelings and false constructs are released.


Sessions are recorded so clients can refer back to their Energy Healing and listen again.


Sessions cost $150 US and lasts 60-90 minutes.




Latest Frequency Embodiments!!

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Arcturian Diamond Body Serotonin Theta 432Hertz Superfluity  Frequency Embodiments!!

This track incorporates the Diamond Body frequency throughout the Diamond Body Energy Meridian Wheels Integrating frequency embodiments that are able to generate and superfluity Serotonin. For the complete process lie down, relax and listen to the end.

The Diamond Body has 8 Energy Meridians co-existing within the circulatory system that need to be activated.These meridian wheels are spinning vortexes of light vibrating and harmonizing the human system within and without.

These wheels are meridians that aid healing, connection to essence, our True Selves and multidimensional interaction with the Universe. The Light Body is the energy created by these meridians that create a lighter, less dense vibration within the physical body and around our Sovereign Energetic Infrastructure.

For the maximum benefits please listen to the Arcturian Soul Cleansing Reboot, Arcturian Higher Self Superfluity and Arcturian Chakra Interface Removal Superfluity also.


 Frequency Embodiments MP3 Trilogy!!

If  you have enjoyed the frequency embodiments featured on my other pages then please enjoy my MP3 Trilogy Track created especially for this website…



Arcturian Theta 432Hertz

Arcturian Chakra Consciousness Transference  Theta 432Hertz Soul Superfluity Higher Self Reboot Frequency Embodiments Trilogy!!

Incorporating the theta 432hertz frequency throughout the Soul, Higher Self and Chakra System creating frequency embodiments that are able to integrate, regenerate & superfluity the Energy Meridians.

Chakra means ‘Wheel’ or ‘Circle’ and is still an anchor to 3D continuing the reincarnation cycle and was created to keep us in illusion and away from our true energy meridian wheels.

When we reconnect ourselves within our Soul and Higher Self the overlay system formation is removed superfluity, leading to our essence Light Body and True Self spiritual purpose.

We now harness the attributes from a grounded and more empowered space supporting us with our own personal evolution providing the Light Axis Meridian Wheels to increase with more energy supporting our Physical Body.


‘In Religion we call it Spirit.


In Science we call it Energy.


In the Streets we call it Vibes.


All I’m saying is Trust It!!’

















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Abigail has been helping me on my journey to recovery from Stage III Melanoma. I had surgery a year ago and was told that most people don’t come back from this diagnosis. I know that the work Abi did ,with me helped save my life. The Doctor thinks the next scan will be clear. Abi is one of a kind. I am so grateful to her..’

Katherine. USA

It’s been a week since I had my healing session with Abigail I didn’t know what to expect or how to feel afterwards.One big thing I’ve found is that I’m not thinking or overthinking as much, my mood hasn’t been high ups or downs but mainly consistent or neutral. Overall, I feel GREAT after the healing session, thank you so much Abigail

Taban. UK

Very recommended for one who has been stuck, same mistake repeaters, and lost.’

Rosa. Indonesia

I am Sincerely Grateful for you.
You have raised my frequencies to high flying & Standing In My Power. You have Recognized & cleared the way for inter child’s rescued. While also referring me for treatment, to clear an extreme childhood trauma. So much more… As we continue.

Nova. USA

 I could feel that i was lighter and not that sensitive anymore since then more doors have unlocked for me i found my twinflame too easier than i thoughted thank u Abi i can recommend abi sessions she a valueable teacher and guide to help us from these things that makes us unpure in our sovereignity.

Jaques. France


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