A Magical Taste of Sovereign Symbiosis…


These Frequency Embodiments are Mini-Healings Transmitted in Perfect Sequencing!!

The reason for this is so Sovereign Energy Bodies can be restored and AI can be cleared using the Arcturian Solfeggio Theta Hertz Frequency  with the Maximum Effect.


Lie down relax and breathe…

  Arcturian Theta 432Hertz Frequency Embodiments…

The healing, cleansing power behind 432Hz is the heartbeat of Gaia, also known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who discovered and documented it mathematically in 1952.

The Schumann resonance is a universal electromagnetic frequency. 

‘Matrix’ constructed brainwaves created by separation; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Mu reside predominantly within the left (the more rational) hemisphere of the brain limiting our connection to sovereignty and our true self essence core, sabotaging and obstructing our conscious growth and evolution.

These Acturian Frequency Embodiments begin to unify the hemispheres of our brain and synchronize the brainwaves so that they work more harmoniously and begin to integrate into the Theta 432Hertz, organic, sovereign brain and mind frequency.

432Hertz is also the frequency of the double helix in DNA restoration and repair.




 Arcturian Soul Cleansing Theta 432Hertz Reboot Frequency Embodiments!!

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Arcturian Higher Self Integration Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments!!


Arcturian Chakra Interface Removal Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments!!


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Frequency Embodiments MP3 Trilogy!!


If  you have enjoyed the frequency embodiments featured on my other pages then please enjoy my MP3 Trilogy Track created especially for this website…

 Added frequency embodiments to provide a deeper healing experience…

Frequency Embodiments Triology

Cleanse, Reboot, Integrate Superfluity…

Chakra Interface Removal Explained…  

The AI Matrix system is millions of codes. Chakra Overlays are the outer layer of a very deep onion. An explanation of what chakra means, how they are embedded within the matrix system and our original energy meridians.


Arcturian Diamond Body Serotonin Theta 432Hertz Superfluity 

Frequency Embodiments!!

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 Arcturian Anti Depression Serotonin Theta 432Hertz Superfluity 

Frequency Embodiments!!

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Benefits of Arcturian 432Hertz


These Arcturian 432Hertz Frequency Embodiments provide mini-healings & are intuited in perfect order!!

The 3D realm we incarnate into is a Matrix of separation and in order to evolve we must reconnect, retrieve and restore our natural  Sovereign Energy Bodies.

Using the Theta 432Hertz frequency is the beginning of this process.

As the Frequency Embodiments progress in perfect sequencing, higher Hertz frequencies the body and surrounding energy bodies are able to heal and restore safely whilst also being cleansed of Matrix & AI infiltration.


Listen Daily for Maximum Results.

   Arcturian Theta 528Hertz Frequency Embodiments…

The 528 Hertz frequency is one of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies also known as the ‘love’ frequency, 528Hertz can be found in Chlorophyll, DNA and also has documented and proven healing abilities.

528 Hertz vibrations connect, harmonize and interact  within us and our surrounding energy bodies on a physical and spiritual level.

The 528 Hertz frequency is also everywhere and as humans evolve beyond 432Hertz this will affect the Schumann resonance as we return to our connection to nature. 528 Hertz is the frequency of the plants breathing light, the bees buzzing and the rainbow…

These Acturian Frequency Embodiments begin unify the our brain with our heart and synchronize and return our connection to nature and Gaia so that a deep peace and serenity can be felt and integration into the Theta 528Hertz can be embodied.

528 Hertz also invigorates, rejuvenates and restores the frequency of the DNA beyond its double helix and is also known as ‘the miracle’ frequency.




Arcturian DNA Ascendancy Oxytocin Connection Theta 528Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments!!

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Arcturian Relaxing Sleep Oxytocin Theta 528Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments!!

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Arcturian Nadis Cleansing Oxytocin Theta 528Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments!!

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Benefits of Arcturian Theta 528Hertz


The 528Hertz Frequency is a Solfeggio Frequency

Reconnecting to Natural Lore

Feeling Love, Peace & Harmony

Unifying the Brain and the Heart so that Connection to Self can be Felt, Embodied and Integrated

Invigorates, Rejuvenates & Restores the DNA also known as the ‘Miracle Frequency’


Listen Daily for Maximum Results.

   Arcturian Theta 639Hertz Frequency Embodiments…

The 639Hertz frequency is one of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies also known as a frequency transmitting love, incandescence and activating Sovereign Universal Heart energy. 

This is the frequency of Heart. 

When combined with the Arcturian Theta Frequency Embodiments 639Hertz can help transmute anxiety and depression whilst also removing psychic and energetic invasion from the Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies. 

This frequency will help you with meditation, finding peace, harmony and balance mentally and emotionally.

639 Hertz is the frequency of a cat’s purr as these sacred animals protect us astrally from psychic invasion and transmit this vibration throughout our bodies.

This frequency is known for its positive effects on the heart which is then able to vibrate in unity, realigning the Sovereign Energetic Infrastructure whilst also restoring it.



Arcturian Psychic Attack Removal Oxytocin Theta 639Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments!!

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Solfeggio Theta 639Hertz Land Clearing and Gaia Reconnect Butterfly Magic!!

Clearing the land of a well known resort in Koh Paghnan where nature and Gaia showed her appreciation. 


Matrix Evolution Sovereign Symbiosis… A little bit about Abi Matrix Hacker!!

After 4 years of continuous, non-stop psychic attack AI matrix  programming and coding removal… 

Benefits of Arcturian Theta 639Hertz


The 639Hertz Frequency is a Solfeggio Frequency

Reconnecting to Sovereign Universal Heart

Feeling Love, Connection & Unity

The Removal of  Psychic Invasion so that Connection to Heart can be felt, Embodied and Integrated

Invigorates, Rejuvenates & Restores the Heart Energy and Radiates this Vibration into the Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies


Listen Daily for Maximum Results.

Next Level!!

 The Matrix Evolution Sovereign Symbiosis Metamorphose Frequency Embodiments!!


   Arcturian Theta 963Hertz Frequency Embodiments…


The 963Hertz Solfeggio Frequency combined with the Arcturian Theta 963Hertz Frequency Embodiments activates, restores and reboots the Pineal Gland whilst superfluity the hormones needed to recharge health.

It is also called Pure Miracle Tones and awakens the endocrine system which then communicates to the surrounding systems within the physical body allowing a deep healing and reconnect to take place. This then begins the process of with the Arcturian Theta 963Hertz Frequency Embodiments reconfiguration system orchestrated by the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.

The Arcturian Theta 963Hertz frequency is connected with the Universal Consciousness Sovereignty Vibration and enables direct experience with Gaia and is able to heal and replace energetic fragmentation and contamination with our true sovereign form. 

Combined with the Solfeggio tone of 963Hertz it’s perhaps the most direct method for re-establishing your connection to Sovereign Essence and your True Sovereign Self, also known as Unconditional Love and access to higher dimensions free of AI Matrix mutation.

The 963Hertz Frequency Embodiments recharge and restore the bodies molecular structure allowing the Universal Consciousness Sovereignty Vibration to guide deep healings. This frequency re-connects you with the infinitely, sovereign, spiritual being you really are. 



Benefits of Arcturian 963Hertz


Arcturian Theta 963Hertz Frequency Embodiments aligns to Sovereign Essence

Reconnects to your True Sovereign Self

Activates the Pineal Gland and restores the connection to the Higher Dimensions

Allows your True Self to align with your Sovereign Purpose

Is one of the Higher Vibrational Healing frequencies that helps heal and restore the Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies

Awakens all systems to their organic, Sovereign State

Recharges cells which enables a transformational ‘Cellular Enlightenment’ and activation of the cell to a Higher Vibrational Frequency

Creates Alignment, Presence and Feeling of Oneness with Self


 The Holographic Matrix Prelude


 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the return to sovereignty and AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.


Abigail embodied the frequencies and information via consciousness transference from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.


Here is the free Ebook – not for the faint hearted!!


Thankfully with this info comes solutions.




Still Curious?


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Sovereign Symbiosis































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