Arcturian Anti Depression Neurotransmitters Serotonin Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments


This track incorporates Arcturian Anti-Depression Neurotransmitters Serotonin Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments throughout the brain and inner etheric bodies by sending Theta 432Hertz waves that are able to generate and superfluity Serotonin. For the complete process lie down, relax and listen to the end.

The Neurotransmitters have trapped repetitive negative thoughts and emotions existing within the nervous system that need to be cleansed and cleared. These thoughts and emotions are vortexes of old memories, past lives, childhood trauma vibrating throughout the human system within and without that continue to create disconnection and disharmony.


These blockages then cause depression, chemical imbalances, anxiety and continue the cycle. Cleansing the neurotransmitters unblock the serotonin receptors that aids healing, connection to essence and purifies our thoughts and emotions allowing a lighter, less dense vibration within the physical body and around our Sovereign Energetic Infrastructure.


Anti Depression!!