Arcturian Diamond Body Serotonin Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments



This track incorporates the Diamond Body frequency throughout the Diamond Body Energy Meridian Wheels Integrating frequency embodiments that are able to generate and superfluity Serotonin.

For the complete process lie down, relax and listen to the end. The Diamond Body has 8 Energy Meridians co-existing within the circulatory system that need to be activated.These meridian wheels are spinning vortexes of light vibrating and harmonizing the human system within and without.

These wheels are meridians that aid healing, connection to essence, our True Selves and multidimensional interaction with the Universe. The Light Body is the energy created by these meridians that create a lighter, less dense vibration within the physical body and around our Sovereign Energetic Infrastructure.



For maximum benefits please listen to the Arcturian Soul Cleansing Reboot, Arcturian Higher Self Superfluity and Arcturian Chakra Interface Removal Superfluity also.



Diamond Body Serotonin!!