Arcturian DNA Ascendancy Oxytocin Connection Theta 528Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments



This track incorporates Arcturian DNA Ascendancy Oxytocin Connection Theta 528Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments. Our DNA is our biological essence connection however it has been damaged and mutated so that we are unable to access our true potential as spiritual sovereign beings.

The Arcturian Frequency Embodiments of Theta 528 Hz repair, restore and provide activations by reconfiguring our organic sovereign DNA infrastructure throughout the brain, nervous system and surrounding energy bodies. For the complete process lie down, relax and listen to the end.


Sovereign DNA is infinite in its evolution and in order for any kind of transformation or ascension to occur an energetic vibrational shift and biological change is crucial. We must repair and activate what has been hidden from us for the process to occur.


DNA Ascension includes reuniting of neurological pathways, trauma release, genetic healings and a deeper connection to essence and true self.




DNA Ascendancy!!