Arcturian Psychic Attack Removal Oxytocin Theta 639Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments



This track incorporates Arcturian Psychic Attack Removal Oxytocin Theta 639Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embidiments.

Psychic Attacks are so common because we all all living in a Matrix system where humans are fragmented, disconnected and energetically vulnerable to the collective unconscious, human and etheric parasites and the emotional chaos of humans that attack unconsciously by reacting in anger or other emotionally charged ways. Then there are others that know they are attacking or are draining energy such as energy vampires.

When we are psychically attacked we lose life-force, our energy is drained, we feel tired or irritable for no reason and in extreme circumstances can even fall sick as our Physical Body weakens immune system becomes vulnerable. Most people have psychic attacks and parasites on their bodies or in their energetic systems and remain unaware.

The Arcturian Frequency Embodiments of Theta 639Hertz eliminate, restore and provide deep healing. This is achieved by reconfiguring the energetic infrastructure throughout the Physical Body, Nervous System and surrounding Energy Bodies whilst repairing the Oxytocin receptors so that emotions can balance and the body can relax. For the complete process lie down, relax and listen to the end.

Arcturian Psychic Attack Removal Oxytocin Theta 639Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments help remove curses, black magic, entities, spirits, hooks and cords, and parasites such as invasion of energetic fields by energy vampires. Listen to this track daily if you suffer from psychic overload or overwhelm or you feel attacked on a regular basis. For serious long term issues or reoccurring attacks that are more complex please book a session with Abi.

This track contains high vibration frequencies that help transform the Sovereign Energetic Infrastructure within our human blueprint allowing our physical body to heal and restore its natural biorhythm so that peace and harmony can be maintained.



Psychic Attack Removal!!