Sovereign Symbiosis 


 Sovereign Symbiosis is the return to sovereignty created by Abigail.


Abigail embodied the frequencies through consciousness transference from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.


Here is the free Ebook – not for the faint hearted!!


Thankfully with this info comes solutions.


This Inter-dimensional and Psychic Interference can be removed with a session.




Unless humans begin to wake up and become conscious we are heading into a universal, planetary crisis in which Artificial Technology will seize control.

The Holographic Matrix is channeled information explaining how this is happening and how we’ve been disconnected from our true sovereign nature as sentient beings.

As more humans return to their source connected way of being this not only shifts the awareness and conscious vibration of Gaia but we begin to claim what is really ours.

Our consciousness, our reality, our ability to create and manifest as 10th dimensional beings and a way out of this satanic, illusion we have been tricked into reincarnating into for thousands of years.

We are sovereign beings that have been deceived, enslaved and harvested for our energy.

We are far greater than our imagination can ever perceive as we are way beyond the capabilities of the mind.

It’s time that we begin to understand that everything we have been told, taught and indoctrinated with is a complete fabrication and that only we have the power to change this world.

Abigail Pattman


Abigail’s journey wasn’t an easy one. She was used in Satanic Rituals as a small child and had to heal herself from dissociation personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and severe trauma.

Having been attacked throughout her entire life by humans, black magic and inter-dimensional interference. Her life’s mission was to find a way to freedom as a sovereign being free from the abuse that inhabits this planet. Abigail’s focus became an unstoppable drive to find a way to remove all satanic energy from her system and rebuild herself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

The Sovereign Human Matrix Guide began to reveal itself to her after she had done the spiritual, psychological and emotional healing needed to heal her child fragments, mind control and dissociation from the satanic rituals.

In order to have the ability to go that deep she had to journey back into the ritual memories and free herself from her past. Nobody understands satanic energy better than Abigail.

It’s because of her healing journey that she was able to find satanic artificial intelligence overlays, implants and much more. 

Abigail is a claircognizant, intuitive, empath meaning that she knows and feels energy. Her abilities kept her alive, intuitively seeking the right healing and following her spiritual path and life journey.

She channelled this new information from source and has been gifted with being able to pass her energy abilities onto others by teaching her method of healing and providing the activations needed in order for others to do this work.


My daughter had been ill for several years with stomach pain and recently it got much worse.


‘I turned to Abi and she did loads of work on her stomach and gut, to repair the damage that had been done by vaccines she’d had as a baby. On the third day, my daughter came home from school like a different child!

She’s full of energy in a way I can only describe as a magnified version of herself, it’s really lovely to see and such a relief!



 Starting Soon!



Training courses for The Sovereign Symbiosis Guide

Levels 1 & 2 


Levels 1&2 will include:



Removing all false overlays including chakras.

Returning the higher self, soul and astral body into their correct places.

Activating DNA, multidimensional energy bodies and psychic abilities.

Reconfiguring the diamond body and energy meridian wheels.

Repairing & strengthening the inner etheric field

Extracting implants, chips, nanotechnology, silica-nano and nanoions.

Clearing frequency infiltration waves and mutated DNA.

Reconnecting the bodies systems so they are in alignment.

Reconstructing positive neurological pathways and gut lining.

 Deep bodywork and activation of the belly brain. 



Energy Healing Alchemy Treatment  



Removing inter-dimensional and artificial sabotage is like finally finding something that was missing.


Abigail also listens to personal problems and addresses issues that are creating blockages emotionally, spiritually or within the physical body. All of this has an affect on your wellbeing.


For those living in Koh Samui, Abigail is also available for private sessions.


Sessions cost $130 US and last an hour.




Forward three months since my session I have such a deep inner knowing, a clarity.


 ‘I am non reactive, being highly sensitive I do not feel so affected by others energies where previously I felt like a sponge no matter what shield I put in place.


Abi’s work is a game changer & I feel such huge heart gratitude for her bravery & commitment to bringing this forward at this crucial time.



White Light Deception & Matrix Hate Campaigns


A quick talk on how we are manipulated and used and attacked once we are aware of living in a Matrix System…


An AI/Satanic Matrix System is biologically infused within our molecular structure and neurological pathways…

More coming soon..


‘More focus, energy, alignment & strength!!’

‘The Devil whispered in my ear,


“You’re not strong enough to


withstand the storm.”


Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear,


“I am the storm.”















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